2008 Writer's Market

Popular book want to inform you one of great Robert Brewer book. Robert Brewer who is an editor of Writer’s Market already published this book to be the best seller around the word.

2008 writer's marketis a thick book, and has the listings for publishers, and some literary agents. For a full listing of agents one must purchase the literary agents guide.This is a heck of deal compared to paying $300 for a Literary marketplace. And keep in mind most places that do carry reference titles, such as a library, do not have the most up to date version of that.

Always make sure to check the agents or publisher web-site for the latest info on submissions. It is a handy tool that is full of info about how to compose a query letter, basics on publishing poetry, freelance newspaper writing 101, non-fiction book proposals, the best part of the book is how easy they have made it to find a publisher that prints a certain genre, just look in the index, also some have tips on submitting a work to the publisher.

This book is for more writers that do not need an agent, or if you want to submit a work to a publishing house unagented, most publishers refuse unagented submissions, unless they are a newspaper, magazine, etc.

If you have a book that you wish to be published, fiction or not get the literary agents guide first. If you have a plan to buy on the Amazon bookstore the 2008 Writer's Book price is $ 26.99.