The Big Book of Dinosaurs

I think who is made this book design really master in photographer The Big Book of Dinosaurs is an enticing collection of dinosaurs that is sure to excite any child. It is packed with full-color photographsof life-like models plus detailed illustrations. The simple text describes interesting features, while questions encourage children to compare various dinosaurs.

Rreally great for ages 4-7. This could be called The Really Big Book of Dinosaurs since this oversize volume is as awesome as the animals it showcases. The big, handsome photographs and drawings are just right for kid appeal. Full-color models and art are set up like a reptile family album on two-page spreads that feature armored dinosaurs, meat eaters, the biggest on earth, and the fast and fierce, to name a few.

an introductory sketch really. There's at least one interactive question per chapter to entice young readers to think and question. The usual dinosaurs are included (Tyrannosaurus, Stegosaurus) and the not so usual (Tuojangosaurus, Scelidosaurus). If you can make room on your shelves for one more dinosaur book, this might be a big item with little readers and viewers.

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