Type Approval Certification

DIMULTI is your solution for obtaining in Indonesia type approval certification

1. New Application for Type Approval Certification
  • Advice on Approval Strategy
  • Preparing complete application package engineering test support
  • Local interfacing with regulatory officials on your behalf
  • Reduce unnecessary bureaucracy
  • No Surprises Fee Structure
we charge per application. Our service fees do not include the testing expense and certificate expense. Testing and Certificate Expense are the fix expense after legal letter of payment (SP2) has been issued by DGPT, but we can estimate these for you based on the details of specific equipment.

2. Re-extend

The validity period of the certificates is three years from the date of issuance. As the validity dues, certificate must be renewed except:

  1. The equipments are no longer for sale/trade
  2. The equipments are no longer for use
The renewal of certificate must be reapplied in the prior of 60 days before the expiration of the certificate. The application must enclose:
  • Original certificate
  • A statement containing that there has not been any changes on equipments.
3. Labeling

Certificate holder is obliged to label the equipments at least in 60 days since the issued certificate Labeling will cover all the certified equipments If the labeling can not be done on the equipments, then must be labeled on the seal, boxes, or the manual instructions.

The label must prominently display the following two components of information:

The number of certificate and PLG ID unique number.

We have long year of experiences and we design our services in order to reduce cost also to eliminate unnecessary bureaucracy.

To ensure the quality of our services to all clients, We established a strong relationship with every government institutions and departments which related to the type approval process such as Directorate General Post & Telecommunication (DGPT), TELKOM, Ministry of Industry, Department of Trade, Directorate General of Customs & Excise, Seaport custom & Airport Custom.

We would provide you with all of the latest information without any ilegal moves. Our goal is to help our clients to achieve legal documents and papers according to the law, regulations and government policy. We are one of the legal and authorized agent you could trust.

Document requirement

To start with the project, please prepare these certain documents:

  1. Copy of agency, sole agent or distributor agreement from manufacturer (For sole agent or distributor only)
  2. Power of Attorney POA
  3. Form PM.4 and PM.5
  4. Technical specification
  5. Operational manual
  6. Foreign test report (optional)
  7. Required 2 units for a Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) category while non CPE required 1 unit.
  8. 50% Down Payment
As part of our service, we will do administrative work for the PM 4 and PM 5 forms, therefore you are required to provide us a power of attorney letter and the complete technical data. The completeness of the technical documents will be appreciated.

Should you have further enquiries regarding to Type Approval or our services, please do not hesitate to contact.

  • Telp     : +62857 1040 7884
  • e-mail : hari@typeapprovalindonesia.com

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