How to Marry Money Book

Popular book wanna inform one of book how to marry money by Kevin Doyle. this the diferent kind with the Sliming Secrets of the rich and Famouse. kevin Doyle (the Author) has been a motivational speaker, journalist, entrepreneur, artist, author, publisher, and graduate school speaker.

This is a book that whets the appetite for more light-hearted takes on American society, status and snobbery. Pure entertainment, although I'm sure there will be those who take it as gospel.This book for the man or woman who’s looking for love and riches—but not necessarily in that order—comes How to Marry Money, a sophisticated and unabashedly candid guide to landing a partner of means.

Learn how to meet the rich, how to behave around them, and how to blend in without breaking the bank. By following Kevin Doyle’s advice, you’ll learn how to:

Instantly recognize the financial stature of each man or woman in every room you enter. Put yourself in the right place at the right time to gain access to rich, single people.

Prevent certain embarrassing friends and family from derailing the gravy train. Straight to the point and full of humor, How to Marry Money will help you to land the millionaire of your dreams.